01 noviembre 2007

LLAMAMIENTO URGENTE !!! (YA ESTÁ RESUELTO, please d'not send more emails)

Copy the letter below, but put your name & country. Thank you very, very much.

Estimado Sr.D. José Antonio Gómez Periñán,
Excma. Sra. Dª. Evangelina Naranjo Márquez Consejera y
Presidente Manuel Chavez,

Reciban nuestra protesta por la situación en que malviven los galgos de las estacas en el pueblo de Chiclana de la frontera y pedimos que todos los galgos se envíen al refugio Kimba para que ellos busquen familias donde puedan vivir dignamente.

Atentamente y muchas gracias ...

English translation:

Dear Sirs:
We write to express our outrage and to protest the situation in which several galgos are confined in unsuitable living conditions and chained to stakes in the town of Chiclana de la Frontera, and we ask that all of the glagos be sent without further delay to the Refugio Kimba so that they may find families for them who will provide them with a life of dignity to which they are entitled.

Respectfully yours,

Kimba is asking everyone to write emails to the local government. Please, please take a minute to send an email in Spanish (copy the below letter) and send the email to these 3 addresses:



The Kimba animal shelter, a wonderful shelter that rescues greyhounds (galgos) in Spain wants to rescue 10 greyhounds in extremely deplorable conditions and are tied to stakes. The local government of the county (Andalucia) will decide the fate of these poor animals this week. Each of your emails will make a difference. The Kimba shelter informed us with encouraging news that some of the local government people have called them with questions, so please send your letters. They will make a difference!

Here is a section of their original letter followed by info on what you can do to help...

"These poor racing galgos........

A few days ago an anonymous caller telephoned one of our volunteers from the shelter to tell her of a situation having to do with some 10 galgos and the conversation she had with the "gentleman" who said he was the owner of these dogs, in the town of Chiclana de la Frontera (Caidz).......... where else, but Spain!!

The person took an interest in the galgos upon seeing the them scattered around a property with all of them chained to stakes, on chains that were no more than one meter in length. During the course of the conversation with the individual, he told her that he used them for racing, and that where he actually lives he has many more. This particular property he only uses to sow the soil and to sell various products. He also told her in a very casual manner, which is often the case in the wicked world in which he lives, that since he has so many galgos he chooses the best ones for racing, and when they are no longer of any use to him, he kills them. The woman appeared so horrified by what she was hearing that the man then attempted to undo the damage by telling her that he first takes the dogs to purina (an establishment that exists in Chiclana, with no colntrols, where one can donate dogs), and that if they did not want the dogs then he would put a shotgun to the dog's head and shoot it so that the dog would not suffer.

The person who telephoned the volunteer at our shelter offered signs of where this location was where all the galgos were, and on the afternoon of 19 December this volunteer visited the horrible property and was able to see with her own eyes the terrible conditions that some 11 galgos were enduring (7 of them were tied to stakes, 2 were tied to trash containers, one who had a broken leg was in a small trailer, and one galgo puppy with various mongrel puppies were all loose). All of these galgos were tied with chains of approximately one meter in length, and all of them had a small bed that consisted of a hole in the ground that they themselves had dug, and not one of them had any shelter. The situation for them is becoming alarmingly worse with the cold temperatures now at night."

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