07 diciembre 2007

The Association for the advocacy animals ADDA-Bolivia complaint to the World

A group of peasant self-styled "red ponchos" led by Ruperto Quispe killed yesterday in 2 dogs as a sign of a threat to opponents of the current government of MAS.
After savagely torturing animals, and finally hung the slaughtered animals while frightened and desperate fighting for their lives.
The population is alarmed at such a show of barbarity. Department authorities, media and the general public expressed their abhorrence toward this slaughter.
We ask your support for disseminating images so terrible fact so that the government is obliged to punish the culprits, setting a precedent for acts of this nature do not happen again in our country.
From the time that the crime was committed received hundreds of calls from children, students, parents calling desperately to act as an institution and justice is done for these poor animals.

Please support to the following directions.

URL Web: addabolivia.org



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