06 diciembre 2007

Bolivia: ‘Ponchos rojos’ (red ponchos) slit the throats of two dogs

Bolivia: ‘Ponchos rojos’ (red ponchos) slit the throats of two dogs

A group, known as ‘ponchos rojos,’ consisting of radical farming Aymara Indians, sharing the ideals of president Evo Morales, slit the throats of two dogs yesterday as a warning to their opposers that they “do not want change in the country.”

The executive secretary of the ‘ponchos rojos,’ Ruperto Quispe, confirmed that the ritual had taken place during an assembly in the Bolivian high plateau and involved other groups from La Paz district.

Yesterday, a paranoid man who maintains that he is an ’artist,’ had a starving weak dog captured and allowed it to starve to death in the name of modern art. And today, a brainless gang has hanged and slit the throats of two dogs in order to ‘express their denunciation.’

Everyone should become involved, as happened in the Vargas case, so that this act does not go unpunished. Evo Morales must be pressurised by the world into condemning the actions of his fellow reactionaries ‘fanatics’ so that acts such as this are never repeated and their perpetrators punished.

We have to show these violent people, who take out their anger and phobic aggression on animals, that we are united and will not allow such macabre acts against animals.

Perhaps we shall not be successful in persuading the law to punish them. However, international ‘revenge’ and the moral justice of our communities will see that they are not pardoned.

Online petition for the collection of signatures in support of Association for the Protection of Animal Rights ADDA-BOLIVIA http://www.petitiononline.com/13031955/petition.html

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  1. this is so disgusting, I am feeling sick reading about these poeple cruely torturing this dogs.Oh my god,seeing that dog being hanged ,seeing him pissing,what about if it was a human?I am in the edge of crying,Am trying hard to not let the tears fall down.
    I know that actions's consequences will come back at us and AT this moment am releived to not be one of these "artists";ignorance is not bliss.


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