06 diciembre 2007

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Letter from the Managua Dog
A wise man changes his mind: WSPA will not be sending “observers” to Honduras
This man is no artist

About Vargas case
WSPA's double talk
WSPA is trapped !
The Honourable Minister of Art and Culture for Costa Rica
Interview with Polly Buchanan
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
See the blog "Case Vargas -Habacuc-"
Petition in english text
How I can support it?
The dog from Managua
Vargas case. The Honourable Minister of Art and Culture
Vargas Case: WSPA, a "surprising" email


Xicotepec Case
Identification of the Policemen who ran down a dog in Xicotepec, Juarez.

The heartbreaking picture of the polar bears with 400 miles to swim to the nearest ice
Whaling in the Faroe Islands
We are Hummingbirds?
Costa Rica as a cruel uncivilized society!
The fur busby worn by the Buckingham Palace guards
Bull-fighting Festival to Benefit the Brothers of the White Cross
Fur farming in the People's Republic of China
Tell the Bush Administration to Protect Polar Bears and Their Critical Habitat
Urgent Action: Stop the Japanese Dolphin Hunt
Petition against Female Genital Mutilation
We will all end up this way
The Association for the advocacy animals ADDA-Bolivia complaint to the World
Bolivia: ‘Ponchos rojos’ (red ponchos) slit the throats of two dogs
To the President of Bolivia, Mr. Juan Evo Morales Ayma

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