12 diciembre 2007

Urgent Action: Stop the Japanese Dolphin Hunt

From October to April, Japanese fishermen will kill more than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises as part of their annual hunt. Officials claim the slaughter is a form of "pest control" to offset the amount of fish the dolphins eat. But, the reality is, the "prettiest" young dolphins are captured and sold to Aquariums around the world for between $4,ooo and $50,000 - all the rest are butchered and sold off to supermarkets and grocery stores.

Japanese fishermen have admitted that they are worried the government will soon shut them down in light of international outrage over the hunt. Contact your Japanese Embassy today and tell Japan to stop the slaughter. (See letter below).

To learn more about the protection of whales, dolphins and their environment, click here.


Here's a letter you can copy, paste, and modify if you have time:

Dear Ambassador....... ,

I was outraged to learn that Japan kills more than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises every year in dolphin drive hunts. Dolphins and whales that are targeted in this hunt include bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales and striped dolphins. Several of the species are considered to be threatened with extinction.

The truth is the impact of these hunts on the marine mammal populations is unknown due to the lack of good population size estimates for the various targeted species. Scientists also don't know the extent of the disruption the massacre causes on the complex social structure of the dolphins or the effect on the ecosystem of removing so many large animals out of a small area.

Moreover, the wholesale prices for dolphin meat have plummeted as fears over pollution levels have turned Japanese consumers against tinned dolphin.

I urge you to do the right thing and end this slaughter. Not only will you be protecting the health of Japanese families, you won't contribute to the disruption of our delicate ocean ecosystems. This tradition - proud or not - has run its course.

Your Name,
Your City and Country

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