25 marzo 2008

The dog from Managua

He might have been a family pet who somehow ended up on the streets of Managua (Nicaragua). He scratched out a living, eating whatever he could find in the city's garbage cans. No one took him to the vet, and worms began to eat him up. He contracted mange, hunger took its toll, he got weaker and sicker by the day.

But worse was to come - the child mercenaries paid a few córdobas by Vargas, who started chasing him. Frantic to get away, he used up all his energy, but he was captured and turned over to his torturer. The man tied him to the wall of an art gallery to compose his 'work of art'. He had so little imagination the only thing he could think of was to abuse a dog.

He called his victim Nativity because he was dedicating his 'art' to the delinquent Natividad Candas, a man who scaled a wall to break into and rob a factory, and the guard on duty released his two dogs, who killed him.

The dog from Managua could not bear the humiliation – he gave up and died.


Guillermo Vargas, torturer and hangman, who committed the crime.
Ronald Zürcher, president of Art Impresarios, the torturer's supporter.
Juanita Bermúdez, director of the Códice Gallery in Managua, accomplice of the perpetrator, because she allowed an animal to be tortured in her gallery.
Visitors to the Show, cowards who did nothing to free the dog.
The jury who one month later rewarded the torturer with an invitation to represent Costa Rica in the VI Biennale of Visual Arts of the Central American Isthmus (Honduras, November 2008) notwithstanding what he had done to the dog.
The Museum of Contemporary Art and Design of Costa Rica, which continues to defend Vargas' work, including the torturing of the dog.
The Ministry of Culture of Costa Rica which has stated that it will not prevent Vargas, an abuser of animals, from representing his country.
Women for Art, organizers of the Honduras Biennale, who uphold Vargas' being invited to participate in the event.
The Patrons of the Biennale, for supporting an event which includes an animal abuser.

Jaime Sancho

english version Cindi Scholefield

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