01 abril 2008

Bull-fighting Festival to Benefit the Brothers of the White Cross

On 12th April 2008, in the bull ring at Huesca (Spain) under the auspices of the Association of Businessmen of Huesca, there are plans to hold what they call a bullfighting festival, with proceeds to go to the Brothers of the White Cross.

This will be the second festival of its kind. On the previous occasion a cheque was presented to the Brothers of the White Cross for the sum of 6,809 euros, as proceeds from the festival held on 14th April, 2007.

Thy call themselves followers of St. Francis of Assisi, but they are promoting torture and death for money. They might allege that the funds will go to charity.

The religious orders collect money for worthy causes in all kinds of different ways, but they should never obtain funds through torture and death, and the worst and lowest of human sentiments – finding pleasure in the suffering of others.

We cannot put a stop to this shameful and disgusting event, but what we CAN do is ask the Brothers of the White Cross to sit and think about where the money they receive is coming from, and to urge them next year not to permit another “bullfighting festival” to benefit them, or to have anything to do with it.

news: http://fon.gs/franciscanos

(The news, in spanish, informs about the franciscanos being receiving money proceeding from bullfighter that are celebrated to subsidize them)

If after reading the news you want to comment to the franciscanos, followers of the one that called brothers to the animals, and that now accept money proceeding from the torture of their animal brothers, on something are here their e-mails:

Hermanos Franciscanos de Cruz Blanca de Huesca - C\ San Lorenzo nº 56 - 22002 Huesca
Teléfono: 974 24 30 42 - Fax: 974 23 06 94 -

Click for the petition on line

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  1. Qué vergüenza me dar ser española y ver cómo se asocia nuestro nombre y bandera a esta estúpida masacre animal!!!! Y encima la llaman Cultura y la encuentras en las secciones de deportes en los periódicos!!!

    Qué vergüenza, reitero!!!!


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