22 mayo 2008

Vargas Case: This man is no artist

This man is no artist, and deserves no recognition as such.
This display of utter cruelty and abuse only serves as an example of the EVIL we not only pass on the street each day but have begun celebrate and encourage. This so called "artist", as well as anyone who could possibly condone this abomination, needs intense psychological evaluation and treatment. I thought people who are so obviously deranged were put into mental hospitals, not given encouragement and praise.
I, for one, am frightened by the thought that well respected people - these "judges" - would even consider allowing this abominable act, but to actually endorse it, takes it to the level of full scale madness. As a lover of art, it also sickens me to hear its honourable and respected good name to be so shamefully bastardized. This isn't even a question of whether or not its art, only another deranged mind could possibly acknowledge and appreciate the torture and death of an innocent animal as such. Its a question of who is looking in to having this man committed somewhere that he can't explore and develop his "talents"!
Has no one wondered how many times he may possibly have explored this "art" before deciding on how the finished product should be displayed? How many poor animals has he used as doomed subjects ? I can't help but wonder what other sorts of "medium" he might be working on!
And if this is the work for which he gains recognition, how will he be able to surpass this last horrifying "masterpiece"? What might we expect for his next display of blatant psychopathic behaviour?
If atrocities such as this are not only allowed to happen, but actually celebrated as "art", then I'm afraid we have nothing but the public rape of small children to expect as the next "logical" step in the evolution of art!!!!!!!!!!

Faith Mc Kee

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