04 mayo 2008

WSPA is trapped !

Last July 2007 WSPA took legal action against Costaricens Barahona because they eat live cats. Last august Guillermo Vargas chased and caught a sick dog so as to tight it up and exposed it in an art gallery. Not only did he abuse the dog, it went against article 10 of the universal rights of animals and WSPA looked the other way, they did not take any legal action against Vargas. Why?

Both Vargas and Barahona are animal abusers. In the case of Barahona not one word, but Vargas brags about "representing my country with pride and happiness", mean while the world organization for protecting animals, WSPA, brags about having collected 1.000.000 signatures for the program dedicated to the wellfair of animals DUBA and they forget about the poor dog from Managua, whilst they ignore the insistent petition of 2,500,000 people who ask that Vargas should not be admitted in Bienal in Honduras 2008. Possibly the dog from Managua doesn't deserve the wellfair that they are demanding.

WSPA, rather than unite with the petitioners they joined the official side and create a pact with them. The reasons are:

1- That Vargas will never chase another dog so as to present it in the same art piece in Honduras.

2- That the ministery of culture in Costa Rica cant prohibit Vargas from exposing his art in Bienal in Honduras because it doesnt represent the country.

Taking for granted that Vargas will not chase and ill treat another dog is not enough so that the WSPA, the moment they know of this situation, should not take legal action to penalize or create serious consicuences to this man. They should be defending the wellfair of animals.

If the minister of culture says that Vargas does NOT represent the country, the "artist" says that he will do so with "pride and happiness" and the organizeres fo the event also say that Vargas will be one of the six official respresentatives of Costa Rica. Between Vargas and MUA, they leaving the minister of culture in a very bad please.

But for the WSPA it is convenient (we dont know why) to agree with the version of the minister and even though Mr Elly Hiby, cheif of the World Society for Protecting animales said " ... in our attempts to discuse the subject with Vargas we only found silence". The cheif tried to find the explination for what happened in the Gallery Códice, obviously.

Even though there was silence from the representative of Vargas, they final pact with Mr Zurcher, president of the business men in arts. Association which prized Mr Vargas, through a jury, with a passport to Honduras. They are going to look the other way at the turture that Vargas somited the dog, under the condition that they be presente in Honduras as official observers to make sure that he does NOT submit a piece with animales.

People of WSPA, if what you want is a couple of days vacation in Honduras, I have nothing to object. But go as observers, to observe what??. The whole world, as your self, know that their not going to use animales. Your stratergy is just that, a stratergy to give an excuse for those who protect Vargas:

"I must have the approvel of the WSPA so that Vargas and exhibit his new art, and then the 3.000.000 can bark all they want." Thats what Sr. Zucher must think.

Your taking the same position as you did in the massacre of the species in the island of Cocos, your leaving us to our mercy. In other words: your doing a "vendetta". Since your havent been the spot light of the campaign (because you didn't want to) now you decide to be so in Honduras as "official observers", how very sad. Mean while Vargas must be cracking with laughter ( those imbecils, he must think, they have forgiven me with out even asking).

Either their ignorant or there are other "reasons" that we are unaware of. But be sure that you are earning the repultion of many active awarness groups. Do not be surprised if you lose associates.

Sr Vargas ill treated the dog in august and you published the press note on the 4 of october, after the boicot had started. The question now is, if the boicot hadnt started would they have remained silent?. Why were they so insistent in punishing Barahona and not Vargas?, is Barhona not protected and Vargas is? By whom?.

From your press notes I underline the following: " We would also like to take the opportunity to encourage all those people who have reacted with indignation before this situation, to act on behalf of the wellfair and protection of animales, not only against cruelty but supporting the daily work of the multiple nacional and international organizations who work towards the increasing animal life conditions in our country and the whole world".

This, my friends, is demagogy. How can you encourage all those people who have reacted with indignation before this situation, to act on behalf of the wellfair and protection of animales if you yourselves did not denunce the illtreater and waited for the world uproar to write a "light" press note which didn't put you in a compromising position??. How can you ask for support for the international organizations, like yourselves, with the way you are reacting to the Vargas and Coco Island situations? "The World assocation for Prtecting Animales supports the extermination actions due to its importance in the biodiveristy. We did not invent the massacre of species, the main argument is ecological" Said Madriz.

Srs of the WSPA you are being accomplices of "Business man for art" and " Women in art" since you are permiting Vargas " a privilage that he does not deserve". Your want us to believe that we should be thankfull since Vargas will not kill or illtreat another dog. Not only are we NOT going to say thanks but we openly declare you guilty of not doing enough to punish thism man for his macabre actions.

Jaime Sancho

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  1. Prove that the WSPA said they have 1 million signatures. Prove that they have any ability what so ever to force a private institution to change who they invite into their art show. Then explain why with all the animal cruelty in the world, you waste your time and energy going after an organization that helps animals. Maybe they don't do it the way you think they should, but there are plenty of organizations torturing and killing animals. Go after them if you really care about animals.

  2. the campaign has collected 3,400,000 siganatures. More than DUBA. I lost time and energy as want. I belong to several organizations in my city. I am going behind many animals and I have in my house because I worry that.¿ what you do?


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