01 junio 2008

Letter to PETA & IFAW

Many people who care about animals have written to PETA and IFAW, either requesting information about the Vargas case, or asking why they have not supported the petition to boycott him. The responses are:


"Exactly what happened at the exhibition in Nicaragua last year may be uncertain,(...)"


"....IFAW does not have an office in the area where this supposed atrocity occurred and we were not able to confirm if it was real or not."

It is ridiculous for IFAW & PETA to say they have been unable to confirm whether these facts are authentic. They must be very poor investigators. Don't these photos seem real?


Don't IFAW& PETA see this as ill-treatment? ¿As a matter of fact, WHAT IS ill-treatment as far as they are concerned? Are IFAW y PETA not aware of Article 10 of the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights? What kind of test would IFAW & PETA need to do to verify the facts?

The big question is how do we stop these big organizations from looking the other way when there is a problem?

We can understand why these two organizations have not wanted to support the boycott, because the initiative did not originate with them, and therefore they cannot ask for donations on this basis, but it would be interesting if they read the latest release from WSPA on 15th May, which says, among other things:

1 – The act committed by Vargas goes against the concept of animal welfare, promoted by WSPA, and expressed in the five liberties for animals.

2 - WSPA is opposed to the participation of Vargas in the above-mentioned exhibition, and has formally requested the organizers of the VI Biennale of Visual Arts of the Central American Isthmus, not to allow him to exhibit.

3 - WSPA is still awaiting the response of Mujeres en las Artes (Women in Art) to their request for the artist not to take part in the VI Biennale.

WSPA has no doubts regarding the acts perpetrated by Vargas on the dog from Managua, and they consider that "it goes against the concept of animal welfare", a ‘subtle’ way of avoiding calling it ill-treatment.

It is to be hoped that the other large organizations such as PETA & IFAW have now had sufficient time to verify the truth of the acts, and even if they have not taken the time, after the publication of WSPA’s release, they will at the very least no longer doubt their veracity, and will stop “misinforming” those who ask them for information.

jaime Sancho

translated by: Cindi Scholefield

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