07 octubre 2008

Don't go to a circus that uses animals

Imagine you are a little boy or girl, and you are enslaved and forced to work. You get no rest, you are far, far away from your home with not the slightest comfort or attention, and living in deplorable conditions. They shove disgusting food at you and you have no chance to share your pain with other people like yourself or who could understand what you are going through. On top of all that, you can't tell your captors how much it hurts, because they don't communicate the way you do, and besides they aren't interested in listening to you or knowing how much you are suffering.

Every single day, at least twice, they dress you in their ridiculous garish outfits, and one of their hangmen forces you onto a stage where they prod your body to move in ways foreign to you, performing acts that you have learned through extreme methods of torture. While you do this, there is a mass of humanity laughing, shouting and dazzling you with bright lights which frighten you; you fear for your life every time you have to go through this painful act.

Unlike your mum, who you can see is even sadder than you, and each day more resigned to die, and deeper in desperation . . . you still harbour the illusion of a different life … and one night when you get the chance, you break out of your prison and escape. …

But you don't know the outside world, it's not your world, and a car knocks you down and kills you.

Last night Hilda was run over on the highway between Mexico and Tulancingo, just outside the town of Ecatepec where one of the many travelling circuses had set up to perform and torture animals. Maybe Hilda's suffering ended when she was killed, but no doubt the circus will soon replace her with another like her who will suffer the same torments.

As if that weren't enough, all they said on the news was that Hilda 'caused' a serious accident on the highway.

They say that elephants have a prodigious memory. Say a little prayer for Hilda, and don't forget what happened to her on this day.


Translated by ; "Cindi Scholefield" ,

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