20 octubre 2008

Iraq pup to be re-united with soldier

An Iraqi puppy called Ratchet will be re-united with a US soldier who adopted him in Iraq, after an international petition.

More than 65,000 people signed the online form urging the US Army to let the puppy go to the United States.

An animal rescue group picked up the dog, which was adopted by Army Specialist Gwen Beberg of Minneapolis in a case that highlighted military rules barring troops from caring for pets while in Iraq.

The US military has now said the dog is free to leave but American troops would not be responsible for its transportation.

It was the third try by Operation Baghdad Pups to get Ratchet out of the country on behalf of Beberg - the operation has cost an estimated $5,000.

Beberg and another soldier say they rescued the puppy from a burning pile of rubbish in May.


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