31 diciembre 2009

Happy Christmas, the war is over, if you want it to be.

Dear Friends:

After many years of wandering and having discovered many hidden places in the world, we have now come to the last page of this book which together we have been writing.

I can only feel happy at the response I have received from all of you and the great numbers of friends, most of whom I do not know in person, I have made during this journey.

We haven’t been able to change the world but we have tried. We have criticized, denounced and reported, we have campaigned against abuses, and some of our objectives have been achieved, while others have not, even though we have put the same effort into every one. What I am certain of, however, is that we have awakened the consciences of many.

And so, a fraternal hug goes out to everyone, with the best wishes of the undersigned, by name Jaime Sancho, citizen of the World and resident of Palma de Mallorca, a lovely isle in the Mediterranean Sea where you will be welcomed with open arms if you decide to visit.
I sign this book in your name and in my own, with what I believe must be the most noble wish that could fill all our hearts – LET THERE BE AN END TO WAR!!!!!!!!!

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