27 marzo 2011

sticks to kill 150 dogs and encourages children to participate in killing

Jakob Regier, Traffic Chief of the Neuland Community, Chaco, in Paraguay, used a steel bar to beat to death 150 dogs from the indigenous community of Cayin. According to reports, the man also encouraged children to participate in the massacre.


Letter to the Minister of Health
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Minister of Public Health and Social Welfare
Dr. Esperanza Martínez

Dear Minister:

On 23rd March 2011, the digital newspaper ULTIMA HORA.COM published the news that Mr. Jakob Regier, who holds the position of Traffic Chief of the Neuland Commun ity, Chaco, Paraguay, had used a steel bar to beat to death 150 street dogs from the indigenous community of Cayin. According to reports, the man also encouraged children to participate in the massacre.

In an interview with Radio Monumental AM, Mr. Regier said  "I did not kill any dogs. The killers were the indigenous people. They beat them and put them into their truck”, although a moment later he contradicted himself. “The animals who were still alive were finished off using guns and later thrown into a suitable place in the Neuland colony”, he said.

Independently of whether he was the perpetrator of the massacre, this incident shows that such acts are not something new, but a common practice. According to reports, the practice of eliminating dogs has been carried out for several years under the umbrella of a resolution passed by the Community Neighbourhood Board of the area, but not by beating them to death, or in any savage way, or in public, and certainly not with the participation of the community.

As regards the "elimination of dogs", justified by a resolution from the Community Neighbourhood Board, even without knowing the exact text, from the outset it shows similarities to the Nazi massacres of the Jews. The spiralling population of dogs is a result of a lack of legislation regarding the ownership of the dogs, as well as a total absence of sterilization campaigns,
which implies a risk of disease, but this form of combatting the problem is not the one being employed. Neither is it an acceptable excuse that this “massacre” should not be carried out with a steel bar, or in a savage manner, or publicly.

These actions, already very serious, are worse because they have been carried out in the presence of children. The values we should be imparting to our little ones are living in harmony with animals, without causing them any pain or suffering, and living the same way with nature. All this without violence. A child who grows in the midst of violence will be a violent adult, both with animals and other adults.

The indigenous leaders of this community several years ago authorized the elimination of animals – once a year – since they acknowledged a problem with the overpopulation of dogs, and there were even cases of people who were badly bitten. This is in flagrant lack of compliance with ORDER Nº 05/96 “ON KEEPING DOGS”
Both the indigenous people of the Mennonite colony of Neuland, and Mr. Regier himself, have contravened Article 16 Chapter IV of order 05/96.

16.1: cause their death, except in cases of incurable illness or unavoidable necessity. In any case, the animals should be euthanized by a competent official, without any suffering being inflicted on them.

 16.3: hit them, inflict on them any unjustified harm or commit any act of cruelty against them.

In the assurance of expressing the sentiments and sadness/distress of many citizens of the world, I hereby request that you make a thorough investigation of the facts, and apply the sanctions contemplated in the existing Order regarding the keeping of dogs, as well as taking the necessary measures to ensure that incidents like this one never occur again.

Yours truly,

(Your name)

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